Imagine: white walls around you, smothering a perpetuity of hushed voices that only begin to rumble louder as they near the cheese tray. It’s dark outside and the streets are busy. There’s a man in a turtleneck to your left chatting about inclusivity. Smelling like a new couch, someone shuffles to the left after spending the right amount of time looking at a piece. Only, none of that shit. Because ew.

This space is reserved for the near-future launch of SECLUDED, a gallery / exhibition / grand gathering of digital artworks from artists who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disturbances. It will be permanent insofar as it is intended to exist as long as this site does. Accordingly, SECLUDED is intrinsically in support of isolation as a valid platform for the existence and delivery of art.

If you’re interested, first click the pencil and paper icon above and read about what this site is, and then email thelowerrhythm at gmail dot com for more information.